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24/7 Emergency Repair

HVAC Services

We take pride in providing the personalized HVAC services our customers deserve, whenever they need it. When your system goes on the fritz, make Superior AC & Heat your first call! We are reliable and quick to act.


Superior AC & Heat has almost 5 decades of experience. We offer superior HVAC services to our customers, and we are only a call away. We offer a wide range of services, from OEM replacement parts to quick emergency responses. Our experienced technicians are ready to install, repair, or maintain your air conditioner unit or heating system. We are licensed and insured for both your safety and ours. 

OEM parts

OEM Parts: HVAC Repairments and Replacements 

We use OEM parts for repairs on HVAC systems. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to repair most makes and models of heaters and air conditioners. A few signs your system is going out or needs repair is extra noise from the system, unusual odors, or if it takes longer to heat or cool your space. We are authorized by Mitsushibi, LG, and Samsung, and are qualified to work on others as well.

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Mini-Split Systems

Mini split systems are an effective way to cool the whole house down in an energy-efficient way. They are a ductless way of cooling your home, which is very popular for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This makes for an unobtrusive installation and gives you full control over the temperature of every room.

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24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

We respond to HVAC emergencies around the clock. These systems often break down after years of use and in extreme weather conditions, which is when you need these units at their best. If your air conditioning or heating system goes out when you need it the most, we will be there for a repair.

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Commercial Heating

We have been working on heating systems in Arlington, TX for businesses of all sizes for almost 5 decades. Superior stays up to date on the latest industry technology and can help you with routine maintenance.

We offer our heating services for homeowners, too. Maintenance will help prevent breakdowns in the middle of winter and can improve overall performance. Stay warm when it’s cold out with Superior services.

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Commercial Duct Repair And Installation

If your ducts are damaged, this can severely decrease the functionality of your air system. Ducts are important for proper airflow, air quality, and more. To keep your ducts at 100% operating power, schedule regular cleaning and maintenance.

Duct maintenance is key to avoiding leaks in both homes and businesses. You may have a leak if you notice that your energy bill is higher than usual and your home isn’t staying as warm or cool as you regularly like. If you need maintenance or repairs of your air ducts, we can get the problem fixed.

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Commercial HVAC

Homes and businesses all over the DFW provide much-needed respite for people from the extreme temperatures North Texas experiences. Make sure your HVAC is working properly to make sure your energy cost stays low and your space stays at a comfortable temperature.

Heat pump - Pump

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a great low-cost investment for your home. It cools in the summer and warms you in the winter. A heat pump does exactly what is sounds like, it pumps heat. In the summer, it pumps the heat out of your home, and in the winter it pumps heat into your home. It is a quiet machine that doesn’t require a lot of money to install or use.

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Duct Installation & Repair

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Reliable AC Repairs

If you notice things about your air conditioning unit that just don’t seems right, your hunch is probably correct if you’re thinking you need to call a repairman. It is always better to be safe than sorry in this regard, as your cooling unit can break down all together if you ignore the repairs that are needed.

Some things to look out for are loud and unusual noises, weird smells, little to no airflow, the unit has ice or is completely frozen, or if the refrigerant in the unit is leaking. We offer our Superior services to the DFW and we can help you whit whatever you need.

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AC Installation

Our goal is to keep you cool and give you a break from the heat. We are a trusted installation company thanks to our decades of experience and service in the DFW. If your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old, if it needs repairs often, or if it isn’t keeping the house cool, you may be in need of a replacement. We are equipped with the knowledge and technology to install a new unit in your home and we can talk you through various options of what type of air conditioning unit will fit your needs and budget best.

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AC Maintenance In Arlington, TX

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Air Purification System

The air quality is often low in large cities like Dallas and Fort Worth. We can install home air purification systems so that you and your family can breathe easier. This is especially important for people with health conditions such as asthma. Your can give them a healthier home to live in so the risk of health conditions worsening due to low air quality can be reduced.

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Residential HVAC

Homes and businesses all over the DFW provide much-needed respite for people from the extreme temperatures North Texas experiences. Make sure your HVAC is working properly to make sure your energy cost stays low and your space stays at a comfortable temperature.

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