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Providing Greater Comfort for You & Your Employees

Our hardworking team at Superior AC & Heat provides a broad range of HVAC services for commercial customers, including preventative maintenance, routine service, repairs, replacements, installations, and new construction. We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality customer service while maintaining strict standards of safety for both our customers and our own technicians.

Our  HVAC specialists have a strong sense of family and teamwork. They bring efficient, professional, and courteous service to every job they do, and they understand that you want the very best service for your business and your workforce. 

Why is a Well-Functioning HVAC System Important to My Office?

A functioning HVAC system is essential for the comfort of your office or commercial space. Maintaining temperature control for the comfort of your staff and customers is extremely important, and has a proven impact on the productivity of workers and the willingness of customers to shop.

An efficient, well-built system is also much more energy efficient, allowing you to heat or cool your space for much less money. When your HVAC system is working well, running quietly, and doing its job, you shouldn’t even notice it’s there. 

The Benefits of a Good Commercial HVAC System

Did you know that a comfortable work environment and good indoor air quality can actually improve your company’s bottom line? Comfortable workers are productive workers. When your team is working beneath a strong HVAC system, they won’t be distracted by discomfort. Healthy indoor air can also keep employees from calling out sick as often, adding to their productivity.

Additionally, a good HVAC system will save you money by operating with greater energy efficiency. Older units in bad shape will cost you more money on repairs and drive up your operating costs. They can also overwork themselves and break down sooner than expected.

Finally, your customers and clients will have a better experience if your commercial space is cool and comfortable. If you have a retail business, your customers could be more likely to make purchases if they can spend more time comfortably browsing your products.


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Our team covers a wide variety of commercial services, including:


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Our team at Superior AC & Heat will help you, no matter what happens to your system, or when. Call us any time you need us, day or night. We are Dallas-Fort Worth’s most trusted source for:

  • 24/7 access to live technicians
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We take pride in providing the personalied service our customers deserve, whenever they need it. When your system goes on the fritz, make Superior AC & Heat your first call!