Burleson, TX

Burleson, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Burleson Texas

Superior AC and Heat has been serving the DFW metroplex for 30 years. Founded in Burleson in 1980, we still have our home base here in the community.

There’s nothing more inconvenient than an AC unit that stops working during a hot Texas summer. When this happens, we know you don’t have time to sit around for days waiting for the repairman to show up. Superior Ac and Heat provide Joshua and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area 24 hour HVAC repair services. Giving our customers in Joshua Tx a fast, affordable solution for repair or replacement.

Heating Repair

Keeping families in Burleson warm and comfortable during the winter season is what we do. It’s important to have an efficient heating system that can keep up with your demands. Older, less efficient heating systems not only struggle to evenly heat your home, but they can take a large toll on your utility bill. Superior AC and Heat maintain or replace old heating systems and if needed can replace them.

The Best Choice For A/C and Heating Repair

Our hometown of Burleson is near and dear to our hearts. We are located in Johnson and Tarrant Counties and are a suburb of Fort Worth. Our town was founded in the late 1800s as a midway depot for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, also known as “the Katy”. In October of 1880, the Railroad, represented by Greenville F. Dodge, purchased a tract of land for the depot and a surrounding town from the Rev. Henry C. Renfro. He named the town Burleson after his teacher and mentor, Rufus Columbus Burleson, then president of Baylor University. This area is known today as “Old Town” Burleson and is home to many shops and restaurants.

It is a destination for both residents and visitors alike.  Our community has grown steadily in the almost 150 years since its founding. The addition of a now-defunct inter-urban rail line between Fort Worth and Cleburne, as well as the construction of the I-35, contributed over the years to our population growth. In the 30 years since the founding of Superior AC & Heat, our community has grown from just under 12,000 to nearly 50,000 as of 2019. As more residents move to the Fort Worth area, they are looking for thriving communities like Burleson to settle down. We’re sure our community will continue to grow in the coming years.

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When you choose our team to work on your home or office comfort system, you can rest assured that the technician sent to assist you is a highly trained expert who can tackle any problem that arises. We are always happy to recommend the most affordable and effective solutions for your home or office. Ask us about air purification and energy-efficient systems!