Air conditioning units that run properly are super important to maintaining your comfort levels on a daily basis. Particularly when you live in a hot climate like the Fort Worth area in Texas, there aren’t many things worse than having your AC break when you really need it. 

Texas endured a record-breaking heat wave this summer, and your AC unit probably worked harder than normal as it tried to keep up with the outside temperatures. If your AC is at risk of breaking down, you should take any steps possible to be prepared to replace it before it creates unnecessary expenses for you or- worse- leaves you in the heat with no relief. Even though the heat wave is gone, the warm weather is far from over, and you’ll be needing that AC to work properly in the future.

As your AC experts, Superior AC & Heat can help you be aware of what to watch out for.

Your AC Unit Is 10-15 Years Old

If you have had the same air conditioning unit for a significant amount of time, chances are it’s about time for a replacement. Our team at Superior AC & Heat can come and take a look at your old unit and help you make a decision about it. 

Even if everything seems like it’s working normally, if your AC unit is older than a decade, a breakdown is only a matter of time. As great as it is to get your money’s worth out of a long-lasting machine, having your AC break down and leaving you in the heat can be much worse. Stay one step ahead and be prepared with a replacement before the worst should happen.

The Airflow or Temperature Isn’t Right

Your AC unit should be able to consistently meet your expectations when it comes to controlling your home’s interior temperature. Consistent airflow helps keep your home’s air quality healthy as well as comfortable. If you’ve noticed that the temperatures aren’t getting as low as you intend them to be, or that some rooms in your Fort Worth home aren’t getting the proper amount of airflow, these might be indicative of your AC unit needing replacement.

Weak airflow might be pointing to your machine’s inability to run as well as it was intended to, and this decline in efficiency can happen very gradually- meaning, you might not have even noticed that it’s happening.

It Needs Frequent Maintenance

All machines need repairs from time to time, so light maintenance is nothing to worry too much about. But if your AC unit requires repairs on a regular basis, that can quickly become a costly issue. It might be time to cut your losses and put that expense toward a new unit instead. Here at Superior AC & Heat, we have teams of expert technicians that can take a look at your air conditioner and give you an honest estimate of whether or not it’s a unit worth repairing.

Higher Energy Consumption

Have your electricity bills been higher than normal recently? Though this summer has been incredibly hotter than normal and higher air conditioning usage was understandable, higher bills can be a warning that your AC unit is having to work too hard to keep up with your target temperature.

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Keeping tabs on any situation that might be a subtle warning that your air conditioner is on its way to a breakdown can save you from experiencing a lot of discomfort and scrambling to schedule repairs. If you miss any of these signs, or if your air conditioner experiences damage that renders the machine inoperable immediately, no need to panic! Superior AC & Heat offers 24/7 emergency repair for any situations that catch you by surprise. Call us today for some of our expert assistance.

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