Top 5 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Fails

As a homeowner, you’ll inevitably have to replace your larger appliances at some point. Most large appliances are built to last several years, but when they do finally fail they can cost a pretty penny to replace. With summer just around the corner, it’s important to test out your AC to see how it’s functioning and whether any routine maintenance needs to be performed. You sure don’t want to start your summer off with an unexpected AC replacement on the books, which is why seasonal checkups are so important to the health of your HVAC system.

There are several reasons an air conditioner will fail including:

  • Age of the unit
  • Circuit breaker or fuse
  • Blocked vents or ducts
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Lack of maintenance

Age-related Reasons

Appliances can’t last forever and unfortunately they all need to be updated at some point. Most newer air conditioner units should last anywhere between 15 – 20 years with regular maintenance. If your AC is getting near to the 15 year mark, it’s especially important to take notice of how it functions and whether your energy bills have increased exponentially from the year before. As AC units get older, they are more prone to malfunctioning, so regular maintenance is a must to keep your AC working well as long as it can.

Bad Circuit Breaker Or Fuse

A faulty circuit breaker or fuse is one of the most common causes of AC failure. To check and change a breaker or fuse, you should have a thorough understanding of electrical systems or schedule an expert who does. It’s important that electricity be turned off and your unit be completely cooled down before looking too far into possible breaker or fuse issues to avoid electrocution.

Blocked Vents Or Ducts

In order for your AC unit to work its best, it’s extremely important your vents and ducts are kept clean and clear. Over time it’s only normal that dust and dirt build up in your vent system, but it’s important that the build up be cleaned out once a year to ensure your unit’s longevity, or if your system fails to work properly.

Too much of a buildup in your vents and ducts lead to your AC unit working in overdrive to be able to compensate for the lack of air it’s able to push through. Blocked vents also lead to the issue of frozen evaporator coils, which ultimately prevents heat absorption and forces your AC to work continuously to remove warm air from the atmosphere.

Refrigerant Leakage

Most AC units require refrigerant, a toxic chemical, to work properly. Refrigerant travels through your AC unit, changing to a high pressure liquid from a low pressure gas. As refrigerant travels it collects heat and humidity and releases it to bring cool air into your home. Refrigerant is contained inside your AC unit, but if a leak occurs your air conditioner will fail to work properly as there won’t be any element to absorb heat. Your local HVAC experts will be able to locate and repair refrigerant leaks, but the longer you wait to have the issue addressed the more serious it becomes.

Inadequate Maintenance

Just because your AC unit seems to be functioning well, doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any maintenance to be taken care of. Your home might feel comfortable temperature wise, but just because it is, doesn’t mean that your air conditioner is running efficiently. If too much time passes without maintenance your AC is likely to become rundown. Once a problem sets in, it’s best to get it taken care of right away, otherwise you risk the possibility that the issue may develop into something worse that cannot be reversed. By scheduling yearly tune-ups, an HVAC pro will be able to easily diagnose any issues or potential issues that could impact your AC’s functionality.

Fort Worth’s Premier Air Conditioner Replacement And Repair

If an HVAC technician confirms that your air conditioner unit is on its way out or if your air conditioner quits working, it’s important to make plans to replace the unit as soon as you are able, especially with summer just around the corner. In Texas you need to act quickly if you need an AC replacement or repair now, otherwise you could be looking at a long wait until HVAC technicians are able to get you on their schedule!

At Superior AC & Heat, we’re committed to providing timely and reliable HVAC services to our customers around the Fort Worth metroplex. Our team can handle any AC issues and as summer gets closer, we’re gearing up for AC checkups. Don’t wait any longer to get on our schedule, especially if you need a complete system repair or installation. Call Superior AC & Heat at 214-679-8725 to get on our schedule today!

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