Signs It’s Time to Replace a Furnace

Winter is upon us in north Texas, and whether you’ve lived here all of your life or are relatively new to the area, you know that means frigid temperatures are heading your way. Especially when the wind kicks in to exasperate the already chilly air! If you’ve been questioning whether to replace your home’s furnace before winter storms chill you to the bone, there are a number of things you should consider before committing to replacing your furnace, rather than scheduling another repair:

  • How old your furnace is
  • How frequently you’ve had to repair your furnace
  • Whether your utility bill is inconsistent 
  • If your furnace is noisy or smelly
  • Whether your home is actually being heated
  • If there are visible issues

Depending on your furnace’s specific issues, it might be time to pull the trigger on purchasing a new unit. You won’t regret the investment, knowing that your home and your family will be comfortable throughout the winter and saving yourself and potential repair costs upfront.

How Old Is Your Furnace

One of the most telltale signs that it’s time for a new furnace is based on your current furnace’s age. Is it older than 15 years? If so, you should at least consider what other issues are present and decide if it’s worth having an HVAC professional take a look to help you decide whether it’s better for your home and your wallet to fix your furnace, or purchase a new one.

Furnaces that are older than 15 years almost always run inefficiently, causing your utility bills to be higher than they otherwise would be and taking a toll on your pocketbook.

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Furnace

Recurring HVAC Furnace Repairs

It doesn’t take long for recurring repairs around the house to quickly add up financially. It takes even less time to get weary of having to schedule repair services to come diagnose and fix the problem! If you’ve gotten to know your HVAC repairman well enough to send him a Christmas card, it’s time to opt for the new furnace.

Utility Bill Costs Continually Rising

Homeowners have enough to worry about between simply taking care of a household and making sure everything within the home is functioning as it should, let alone dealing with the financial responsibility that comes along with home ownership. If you notice that your utility costs consistently rise in the winter months, year after year, this is a sign that your furnace is working harder than it should to keep your house warm. Furnaces that are working efficiently should be able to heat your house in a relatively small amount of time without the hassle of having to check and double-check your thermostat to make sure it’s at the right setting.

Noisy or Smelly Furnace

Furnaces that are noisy or producing smells are not furnaces that should continue to be used without an HVAC expert investigating the problem. You may not think much of the rattling, whistling, or humming sounds coming from your furnace, but you should be aware that these noises are a sign of a furnace that is in need of some TLC. If your furnace is producing a burning metallic-y or sulfuric smell, this is also a sign that something has gone awry with the furnace’s internal components and should be inspected by a professional HVAC service immediately.

Heater Isn’t Heating the House

Particularly in the cold of winter, the last thing you want to come home to after a long day of work or errands is a house that is about 20 degrees cooler than it should be. If your furnace is running, but is struggling to heat your house, you should investigate further with the help of an HVAC repair service to see whether the problem can be fixed, or if it’s time for a new furnace installation. 

Visible Problems Such As Rust And Cracks

Signs of exterior rust are not something to be overly concerned about, but if you notice rust forming internally or specifically on your heat exchanger, you should immediately call a professional HVAC service. A rusty or cracked heat exchanger can lead to leaking toxic gasses, such as carbon monoxide. Cracking and rust might not be extreme issues to begin with, but they nearly always lead to a more serious problem.

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As you prepare for the holidays and cooler weather, be sure to pay extra attention to your furnace. Nothing would spoil your Christmas morning more than waking up to an uncomfortably chilly temperature in your home and frantically trying to heat the space before the rest of the house wakes up. If you are in the market for a new furnace or to double-check some potential repairs for your current furnace, Superior AC & Heat is the go-to HVAC business in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call 214-679-8725 for a free estimate.

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